Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2

I had to take a drug test today. I just got hired on at Kohl's and they want some proof that I am not a druggie! No prob...except, wait...remember that rule about no eating poppyseeds the day of a drug test...it can sometimes show as THC in your urine...oops...I had a poppyseed muffin this morning. Now you have to understand that I didn't know I would be taking the test this morning. I didn't find out till the afternoon. Dang! I have a friend who had a drug test come back positive because of her poppyseed muffin! Keep your fingers crossed!
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  1. Sure, blame it on the poppy seeds.

  2. The poppyseeds made me test positive for morphine actually, which the doctor said must have been from heroin use.

    Good times!