Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 8


I love these shoes! I saw them as I was walking through the mall one day and decided that they were meant for me! Those of you who have known me since my teenage years, know how much I love fun and random shoes. I had converse in almost every color and style that you can think of. Anyway, I just loved these shoes, but a new pair of vans cost close to $50.00. I became obsessed. I had told Jake about them and he became a bit obsessed also. He decided to get them for me one day. He looked for them at the mall by his work...no such luck! He looked on-line...no such luck. He even called the store I found them at and they said they had no idea what he was talking about. I started to believe that I may have dreamt up these shoes. So then, one day, my sis-in-law, Morgan, insisted that we go to the mall and buy the shoes. THERE THEY WERE! Here's the best part...the display pair were the last pair in stock (possibly in existence), they were in my size and since they were a bit dirty from being on display, they gave them to me for $10! I swear!
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  1. Those are awesome and so you!!! What a great deal too!

  2. I love good deals like that. Bryce just got a pair if yellow converse from Goodwill last night for $8. Never been worn before!

  3. Those shoes are totally you. The deal though is the best part, no I take that back the fact that you had to have shoes with angry little orange stars is the best part.

  4. angry vans... that's the coolest thing I have seen in a long time!